About Us

Our Mandate

The committees mandate is to:

  • Develop relationships, knowledge and best practices that will educate users and stakeholders on the efficient use and management of the public right-of-way.

Members from municipal stakeholders, road authorities, utility companies, consultants, contactors and associations/alliances (maximum 20 members with balanced representation from all stakeholder groups).

It is encouraged that all members of the ROW Management Committee be members of OPWA. The dedicated co-chair who will be serving on the OPWA Board of Directors must be a member of OPWA.

Municipal Members
Barry Mulcahy (OPWA Liaison)
Regional Municipality of Peel
Jevito Marchese (Co-Chair)
City of Mississauga
Kevin Wilton
City of Richmond Hill
Khaled Chowdhury
City of Toronto
Mark Cavanaugh (Chair)
Durham Region
Praful Mistry
Richmond Hill
Stefanie Thorne
Simcoe County
Steve Murphy
4Sight Utility Engineers
Tracey Anastacio
City of Brampton
Utility Members
Aqa Bugiel
Enbridge Gas
Brian O’Gay
Alectra Utilities
Chris Gill
Bell Canada
Danielle Kenney
Enbridge Gas
David Gill
Kevin Schimus
Enbridge Gas
Maxwell Watters
Alectra Utilities
Mike Miller
Enbridge Gas
Oshea Richards
Robert Paradis
Hydro One
Shane MacDonald
Consultants/Associations Members
Chris Vandewiel
Vistech Design and Construction Ltd.
Harshan Ranganathan
DTS Technical
Jeff Hitchcock (Vice Chair)
Ontario One Call
Lawrence Arcand
4Sight Utility Engineers
Lori O’Doherty (Event Planner)
Consultant/Event Planner
Ophir Wainer (Secretary)
T2 Utility Engineers
Paul Connor
SYNERGY Land Services Ltd.
Sharmila Krishna Kumar
Telecon Design
Steve Niddery
LandSolutions LP
Tom Withers
Northern Advertisers Association of Ontario
Wayne Groves
Government Agency Members
Paul Collins
Tony Di Fabio
Contractor/Developer/Supplier Members
Emad Booya
Dura Concrete Canada
Taner Gorcia
Dura Concrete Canada