The significance and complexities of Property Acquisition is often overlooked on many Public Infrastructure projects, which can drastically impact both the schedule’s critical path and the budget. Having a better understanding of these impacts can greatly improve the projects success. This session will discuss many of the key challenges of acquiring property for public infrastructure and how to effectively manage this phase of the project.
Join us as we discuss such factors as:
– Legislative Requirements
– Costs
– Types of Property Requirements
– Challenges
– Lessons Learned


Christopher Harker BAS, PMP, SRWA
Senior Specialist, Third Parties, Property and Traffic Lead

Chris Harker is a Senior Specialist, Third Parties, Property & Traffic Lead with Hatch Corporation. He has over 33 years of real estate experience and is an expert on matters of expropriation. He has supported significant infrastructure initiatives in the GTA, such as the 407 ETR expansion, vivaNext BRT, as well as Metrolinx’ Regional Express Rail and Subway projects. As the technical assistant, he and his team provide industry expertise on matters related to land evaluation, zoning, land use planning, property impacts, legal interpretation, conveyancing, business case analysis, public sector processes, project coordination activities and negotiation services. Chris also has tenure with the Region of Peel, the Town of Caledon, York Region, MTO and Metrolinx. He holds a Business Degree, as well as a Project Management Professional and Senior Right of Way Professional designation.