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Oct 27 2020


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

5G / Small Cell

The ever changing environment of technical advancement in the telecommunication industry poses many challenges in the management of the new infrastructure within the public ROW. The current telecommunication advancement is 5G/Small Cell technology and its deployment. Currently the United States is further along in the deployment of 5G/Small Cell infrastructure than most of Canada. This webinar will will discuss the ROW management challenges faced by two cities in Kanas as well asspeak to the national and state legislations/decisions on 5G/Small Cell deployment .


Monty Zimmerman is the Right of Way Manager for the City of Lenexa. Monty has been with Lenexa for 29 years and has held the position of Right of Way Manager for the last 19. Monty’s experience over those 19 years’ ranges from overseeing the Everest/Surewest, Google Fiber and AT&T Light gig overbuilds of Lenexa that started in 2001 to the present, to helping develop a state of the art communications and electrical duct banks to accommodate utility relocations for CIP projects, as well as the normal day to day duties of Right of Way management. Over the last 19 years Monty has lent his ROW management experience to several right of way related professional organizations both locally and nationally such as APWA UPROW, CGA (Common Ground Alliance, PHMSA (Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration) and IRWA (International Right of Way Association).