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Oct 01 2020


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

What is ROW Management Anyways?

What is ROW Management Anyways? The answer is probably best summed up by the OPWA ROW Management Committee’s mission statement: “Our mission is to develop relationships, knowledge and best practices that will educate users and stakeholders on the efficient use and management of the public Rights-of-Way”. The Right of Way Management Committee is a group of stakeholders that includes Municipalities, Utilities, Consultants, Developers, Contractors etc. This talk will introduce the Committee, the Sub-Committees, the Annual Conference and how we aim to promote collaboration and information sharing to optimise the space within the public right of way. We have designated October as “Right of Way Management Month” and will present a series of webinars on a variety of aspects of Right of Way Management on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout October, we will also briefly introduce some of the upcoming webinar topics and hopefully whet your appetite.


Tracey Anastacio has over 20 years experience with utilities. She began her career with the Ingersoll Public Utility Commission, working with hydro, sewer and water. Tracey then moved to the private sector working with the Telecommunications Contractors completing Joint Use & Structures projects and managing a Municipal Consent Permit Group. Tracey accepted the City of Markham’s Utility Coordinator position in 2009, responsible for utility coordination and Municipal Consent Permits. She lead the Municipal Consent permit process migration from paper to digital, has been involved with Municipal Access Agreement negotiations and developed Markham’s Municipal Consent Guidelines. This Right of Way Management Conference was Tracey’s idea that came to fruition with some hard work and great partners.

Barry Mulcahy P.Eng, PMP has been a member of the Right of Way Management Committee since its inception and is the current serving chair. He is in his second year as a member of the ROW Conference Sub Committee. Barry currently works as a Project Manager at the Roads Design and Construction Section in the Transportation Division of the Region of Peel since 2006. His main recent focus area has been working on a number of road widening and intersection improvement projects. Barry previously worked as a Project Manager at the City of Hamilton.